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Second Tuesday

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Premiere “Ak, Sieviete”

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(Latviski) Iedvesmojoties no Pirosmani

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(Latviski) 29.studentu folkfestivāls

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Pop-Up Art Christmas market

15.12.-22.12 Pop-Up Art Christmas market open from 1 pm to 8 pm

16.12. at 8 pm – Poetry per Percussion

19.12. at 8 pm – Art trough chocolate, short play “Helmut and Helly”

20.12. at 6:30 pm – Everyone is child

DEBUIT 2017 Grand Prix

Grand Prix of Batumi International Students Theatre festival "Debiut 2017" for our perfomance "In Paris I flew in air baloon", director Kalev Kudu. The prise of the best women role on the second plan - to our actress Marta Gebele. The sincerity and hospitality are feelings, what we take from Adjaria, where live and work the great directors and organizers of festival  - Roin Dvali and Giorgi Fircxalasvilli. In four days we had opportunity to see good student theatres perfomances from Batumi, Kutaisi, Tblisi and Vilnius. We enjoyed the play of Batumi Drama Theatre, where in main role was one of the festival jury - Marina Burduli, who invite us to perfomance. It was very exciting to participate in Georgian Folklore masterclass and learn to some adjarian dance steps. Full hall of spectators on amatier theatre perfomances, professional actors as spectators - it was a little bit different experience. PICTURES
Of course, it wasn`t be possible without our supporters - mayor and mayor's deputy of Jelgava council, rector of Latvia Agriculture University and special thanks to Evopipes and DriveEcoHome.

Batumi – Debuit

From November 8 to 12 were going to Batumi International Student Theater Fesival in Georgia. There are 5 perfomances everynigt (we will participate with “In Paris I flew with air baloon” /director Kalev Kudu, Estonia/). The most interesting masterclass between others (Acting Technique, Stage Movements) will be in Georgian Folklore. Thanks for the support to Evopipes and DriveEcoHOME!

Tartu – A-festival

On this weekend we are going to Tartu, director`s Kalev Kudu town with his performance “In Paris I flew with air baloon…” We will play for you saturday, 14.10 at 9.00 pm.

With “Helmut and Helly” to international festival in Kupiski (LT)

Jelgava Students theatre will participate in the international amatieur theatre festival THEATER CLUSTER 2017 in Kupiski (Lithuania) with shortplay “Helmut and Helly” by Maija Ozolina. Our perfomance (in english) will be seen October 7th at 4 p.m. in Kupiski Culture centre.

Opening of Theatresport season

Opening of new season – September 26 at 8 p.m. Keep calm and do Theatresport!